Friday, June 2, 2017

Mortgage/foreclosure/credit repair/status correction help

I help many people with mortgage foreclosure problems thru a validation of debt process. Best if used before you go into foreclosure, but still effective in the court process if need be. This service, unlike my research into status correction, is not free. I charge 300 upfront fee, and upon dismissal of the loan i get 10% of whatever was left on the note. Now because of the amount of calls and limited time, i have started phone consultations to weed out the time robbers and leave me with the folks who need help and are motivated to find it. I charge 20 dollars for a half hour, and 30 dollars for an hour. Paypal before i begin work/call.

I also do credit repair for all types of loans/bills. Phone call prices are the same, credit repair is 150 dollars flat. If your local(meaning the south east) i do classes at 30 dollars a person, with a minimum attendance depending on how far away from me it is.

I deal in legal information, not advice.

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