Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A free society? There has never been one.

Hello folks, back with you again to discuss some misunderstandings. One i have went over a couple of times now. However beliefs are strong on this topic, so we must go at it again. There seems to be this disconnect that people can not seem to get past.

Let me be as forthright as i can be, There is NO magical society were men are free.

I know the common belief is that we were free and then something happened(depends on your flavor of patrinut kool aid) and we were subjects.

This is not the case, and never was the case. There are many posts detailing this very fact, everything from court cases to legal books from before the 14th amendment.

The Birth Certificate is not what binds you, The SS number is not what binds you, The voter registration is not what binds you.

Domicile in a political fiction is what binds you, what "creates" the legal fiction called "person".

Understanding this point is critical to you getting out of the system. The BC/SS,etc is just evidence of your intent to be a member of the body. The key and ONLY way out is thru domicile including intent. There is one way only, dont be fooled by these folks that say its different for everyone,etc. Who here thinks the government planned an exit for each and every one of us? Lets think for a minute here folks, just let the terror dome, one way in, one way out, for everybody.

Back to the non free society, here is a link to an earlier blog post, complete with court cases and legal books from before the 14th.

Now lets go further, did these "free" state citizens have any property taxes before the 14th?

Constitutionalizing Uniformity in the Nineteenth Century

In 1796 seven of the fifteen states levied uniform capitation taxes. Twelve taxed some or all livestock. Land was taxed in a variety of ways, but only four states taxed the mass of property by valuation. No state constitution required that taxation be by value or required that rates on all kinds of property be uniform. In 1818, Illinois adopted the first uniformity clause. Missouri followed in 1820, and in 1834 Tennessee replaced a provision requiring that land be taxed at a uniform amount per acre with a provision that land be taxed according to its value (ad valorem). By the end of the century thirty-three states had included uniformity clauses in new constitutions or had amended old ones to include the requirement that all property be taxed equally by value. A number of other states enacted uniformity statutes requiring that all property be taxed. Table 1 summarizes this history.

So we see that before the 14th amendment, state citizens were taxed on a variety of items and activities. Which makes sense as they were members of the community and have obligations to support their community.

Lets see what else we can find. Here is a digest of georgia state statutes before 1850, see if you can find some freedom in it.

Get over your belief on this point, and start researching it.


  1. Thanks for posting, but there is a very important distinction that your post didn't discuss.

    Texas v White discusses that there are many different types of states, but only one type of state guaranteed a republican form of government (the 'state' of Texas that prevailed and is guaranteed a republican form of government, as stated in this case, had no functioning government, instead federal personnel were brought in after the civil war to run the organs of state government.)

    So today, the 'states' that exist today are located in the United States, to find where the United States is located, you need only check CA Commercial Code 9307h.

    This states that exist and that are taxing so out of control today do not have the same authority to tax as did the states you referenced above.

    In this manner, state citizens are protected from state taxes because today the 14th amendment is applicable to the states in what is called the incorporation doctrine, for the purposes of protecting the constitutional rights of state citizens - see Mapp v Ohio 367 U.S. 643 (1961).

    However if you have a driver license, participate in any federal retirement program or claim to be a United States citizen under authority of the 14th Amendment, instead of Art. IV as state citizens do, then you have volunteered to pay and be subject directly to the Federal Government, and in process waived your constitutionally secured rights.

  2. What i am saying is that in a society, men must submit to be governed by those they choose to lead them, no matter if they call it a republic form of government or if they call it the most freest state in the most freest country, in the most freest world.

  3. The tyranny started between 1913 - 1933 with bankers' taking over the government. That is why there are two versions of "c/Citizens*. That is why " motor vehicle" and "automobile" are not the same. That is why "discharging the debt" exists in the form it does. That is why birth certificates, automobiles, and houses are "registered" to pretend to give permission to the government to own them. Before those years, America used money.

    1. Not true, Americans have always been subjects. Its the way society works, there can be no government if there is no one to govern, and you can only govern those subject to you.