Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dred Scott

For those of you who do not know, this case was about a slave, whose owner took him to a free state to live and then back into a slave state. The slave thinking that living in a free state made him a free man filed a lawsuit. He lost, and understanding why is important for us to understand how we are ruled today.

(quote from the case below)
thus "[not] a member of the political community formed
(end quote)

Now think about this for a second, this man, Dred Scott, lived, worked, slept, pooped and did everything els...(tharr be more)e a man does, but was not a member of the community. When every other man was, why do you think that was?


The word SLAVE is a status given to him by law in order to control him, a "MAN".

Just like STATUS is used to control YOU and ME today. This is easy enough to prove. Here in America, land of justice for ALL, where every law applies to ALL men/women, we find NO LAW applies to ANY MAN/WOMAN.

You are all like WTF is he talking about.

Pick up or google your state or federal statutes, Notice that NO LAW apllies to MEN/WOMEN.

However the laws DO apply to Citizens/Residents/Taxpayers/Employers/Employees
And many more "Statuses" that government calls us by in order to control us.

Most laws apply to "PERSONS"

Well, "PERSONS" are MEN/WOMEN with legal personality, or men with(you guessed it)Statuses.

Get a clue people, shit is going down right in front of your face.

Monday, May 9, 2016

For those who want to understand beliefs more...

Here is some links I dug up for you to start learning just how much beliefs affect you.

http://www.nobeliefs.com/beliefs.htm  START HERE


http://www.positivehealth.com/article/mind-matters/how-our-beliefs-affect-our-lives    --this one is a great read.

http://www.virtualsalt.com/infobias.htm   pay attention to number 7


Quote from above link...

Belief Perseverance

Research has shown that it is quite difficult to do away with a falsehood once an individual comes up with a rationale for it. An example of this would be when the first copies of bibles created by the newly-invented Gutenberg printing press went on sale, his partner that brought the bibles to a certain town was accused of being a witch, because only by black magic would it have been possible to so perfectly reproduce copies such as the ones he had, and that the printing press must be an instrument of the devil. Individuals will retain their invented explanations for their beliefs because of their ego not willing to surrender to the possibility that they are wrong and would have to shift their paradigm. Even after being thoroughly discredited, a firmly-instilled belief will be very difficult to change. Studies have shown that it is easier to formulate a belief than change a belief already formulated. This can explain why there are so many peculiar beliefs surrounding a myriad of things still today. The more we examine our theories and explain how they might be true, the more closed we become to information that challenges our beliefs. This is important to remember, so that we keep an open mind all the time and welcome different positions of awareness concerning a particular subject rather than keeping rigidly to one particular perception of an issue.


Bottom line is this folks, you have to forget what you think you know and start all over again. You have government installed beliefs fed to you from birth till death. When you experience things the government does that you think are wrong, or can not understand why or how the government could do something, those are glitches in the freedom program the government installed on your hard drive. Wipe the drive, start over.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The problem with education.

The problem with education is that it works exactly how it is supposed to. Modern education as we know it was set up mainly by that great guy Rockefeller. Just such a giver, with a heart of gold. You can find the amount of influence he had here..


You can also go further and find out the money he gave to other institutions before he funded the GEB here..


Where we can see he started the university of Chicago.

"Mr. Rockefeller's gifts to the University of Chicago total

The reason for his giving was not based on his wanting to uplift humanity, but instead to control it.

Woodrow Wilson, from an address to The New York City High School Teachers Association, Jan. 9th, 1909

"Let us go back and distinguish between the two things that we want to do; for we want to do two things in modern society. We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class, of necessity, in every society, to forego the privileges of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks. You cannot train them for both in the time that you have at your disposal. They must make a selection, and you must make a selection. I do not mean to say that in the manual training there must not be an element of liberal training; neither am I hostile to the idea that in the liberal education there should be an element of the manual training. But what I am intent upon is that we should not confuse ourselves with regard to what we are trying to make of the pupils under our instruction. We are either trying to make liberally-educated persons out of them, or we are trying to make skillful servants of society along mechanical lines, or else we do not know what we are trying to do."

 Now notice that he says "we are trying to make skillful SERVANTS....along mechanical lines.

Strange then that the men who started this system were men of industry. But not strange at all when you realize these same men spent the money on research to find out that if you mold peoples beliefs, you control them.

How important are beliefs when it comes to learning?

Take this quote from the legal book "essentials of paralegalism" 4th edition....pg # xv

3. You must force yourself to suspend what you already know about the law in order to be able to absorb (a) that which is new and (b) that which conflicts with your prior knowledge and experience.

To bad they did not put that in the front of every textbook.

None of us can be educated until we realize how our beliefs control information intake, and then toss out the misguided beliefs they use to control us with.

Until next time folks.