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 226. It is in the place of his domicil, where a man exercises his civil and political rights. After having shown how he acquires the enjoyment of the rights which constitute the civil state, and how those rights are proved, it is now proper to point out the rules which fix his domicil. 227. Domicil is the place where a person has established his ordinary dwelling, without a present intention of removal. (d)

A man cannot be without a domicil ; at his birth he acquires that of his parents, and this he retains until he gains another by his choice,(a) or by operation of law.By fixing his residence at two different places at the same time, a man may have, for some purposes, two domicils at one and the same time ; as, for example, if a foreigner, coming to this country, should establish two houses, one in New York and the other in New Orleans, and pass one half of the year in each, he would for most purposes have two domicils. (6) If a man has two places of residence he may elect which shall be his domicil.(c) But it is to be observed that circumstances which might be held sufficient to establish a commercial domicil in time of war, and a matrimonial, or forensic, or political domicil in time of peace, might not be such as would establish a principal or testamentary domicil, for there is a wide difference in applying the law of domicil to contracts and to wills. (d) There are three kinds of domicils, namely: 1, the domicil of origin, domicilium originis vel naturali; 2, the domicil by operation of law, or necessary domicil ; 3, the domicil of choice. These will be severally considered.

CHAPTER I.—OF THE DOMICIL OF ORIGIN. 228. By domicil of origin, is understood the home of a man's parents at the time of his birth, not the place ,where, the parents being on a visit or journey, a child happens to be born. The domicil of origin is to be distinguished from the accidental place of birth. (e)


229. There are two classes of persons who acquire or retain a domicil by operation of law. 1. Those who are under the control of another, and the law gives them the domicil of that other ; 2, those on whom the state affixes a domicil.


230. Among those who, being under the control of another, acquire such person's domicil, are— 1. The wife. She takes the domicil of her husband.^) On becoming a widow, she retains it until she changes it, which may be done in two ways ; first by removing to another place, with an intention of fix ing her domicil there, or by marrying again, in which case she immediately takes the domicil of her new husband. (6) 2. A minor. His domicil is that of his father, or in case of his death, that of his mother. (c) When his father and mother are both dead, the minor's domicil is in general that of his guardian, but to this there are some exceptions, (d) 3. A lunatic. In general the domicil of the lunatic is that of his guardian, curator, committee or other person who is lawfully appointed to take care of him. In this respect he resembles a minor. But the domicil of such a person may be changed by direction or with the assent of his guardian, either express or implied, (e)


231. It is but reasonable that a man who serves the public, and is compelled for this purpose to change his place of residence, should not on this account lose his domicil ; for this there is a double reason, first that the public should be better served, and secondly, be cause the officer did not intend to abandon his old domicil, but left it animo revertendi.

 232. Persons who thus retain their domicil may be classed as follows : 1. Public officers whose temporary duties require them to reside at the capitol, as the President of the United States, the several secretaries, etc. 2. American ambassadors and consuls who are com pelled to go abroad in order to fullfil the duties of then' appointments. And this privilege extends to their family or suite. 3. Officers, soldiers and marines of the United States do not lose their domicil, while thus employed. 4. A prisoner does not acquire a domicil where the prison is located, nor lose his old, because there is no intention on his part to do so.


233. The domicil of origin is retained until another is acquired by the act of the party, or by operation of law. In order to acquire a domicil of choice, there must be an actual removal with an intention of residing in the place to which the party has removed.(a) As soon as the removal is completed, with such intention, the new domicil is acquired, and the old one is lost. (6) A mere intention to remove, unless such intention be carried into effect, is not sufficient to operate the change, (c) When a man changes his domicil and gains another, and afterwards returns to his original domicil with an intention to reside there, his original domicil is at once restored. (a)

Sunday, July 23, 2017


138. The word state or condition of persons, has various acceptations. When we speak of a person, we consider only the part a man plays in society, without taking into view the individual. State and person are then correlative terms. If we inquire into its origin, the word state will be found to come from the Latin status, which is derived from the verb stare, sto, whence has been made statio, which signifies the place where a person is located, stat, to fullfil the obligations which are imposed upon him. (b) State, then, is that quality which belongs to a per son in society, and which secures to, and imposes upon him, different rights and duties, in consequence of the differences of that quality.

139. Although all men come from the hands of nature upon an equality, yet there are among them marked natural differences. The distinctions of sex, parentage, age, youth, etc., all come from nature. To these natural qualities, the civil or municipal laws have added distinctions which are purely civil and arbitrary, founded on the manners of the people, or the will of the legislature. Such are the differences which these laws have established between citizens and aliens, between magistrates and private citizens or subjects ; and between freemen and slaves.

140. Although these latter distinctions are more particularly subject to the civil and municipal law, because to it they owe their origin, it nevertheless extends its authority over the natural qualities, not to destroy or weaken them, but to confirm them, and to render them more inviolable by positive rules and by certain maxims.

141. This union of the civil or municipal law with the law of nature, form among men a third species of differences which may be called mixed, because they participate of both, and derive their principle from nature and the perfection of the law; for example, infancy, or the privileges which belong to it, have their foundation in the law of nature; but the age, and the term of these prerogatives, are determined by the civil or municipal law.

142. From these premises, it is easy to 'perceive that three sorts of different qualities, which form the state or condition of men, may be distinguished: those , which are purely natural, those which are purely civil, and those which are composed of natural and civil or municipal law.

143. If we analyze what are the qualities which compose the state of a person, we will find they have a necessary or essential connection with public or political, or private right, and that they are either qualities of state or distinctions of state, because they render the party either able or unable to participate to the public state or the private state.

144.—1. Let us commence, for example, with public or political right. It is a question as to his state, which settles, whether a man is a freeman or a slave, a citizen or an alien ; because if he is free and a citizen, he is qualified to render service to his country in all public stations or offices; if, on the contrary, he is a slave or an alien, he is excluded by both of these

Friday, July 7, 2017

Birth of the twins, you and your person.

As usual there is confusion in the minds of men about the birth of the twins, hopefully we can make this trip to understanding together.

Everyone knows that when you are born, you get a birth certificate. Now some claim that it is a bond, some claim it is a warehouse receipt, some claim it is a strawman, a legal fiction or a corporation.

You will be surprised to know that is all wrong, at least as it relates to you getting out of the system. You see the all caps letter name is simply a person. A person born as the same time as the living man. What exactly happened you say?

As the courts have said, an unborn baby is not a "person" according to law, however when the baby is born, the "person" is also born. The reason for this is that only a man capable of being the object of rights and duties(legal personality) can have a person. This birth certificate is evidence of the person(man with a status). So real quick, the baby is born, because the baby has legal personality(rights, like to life), then a person is born, that person(man with a status), takes on the status of minor/citizen and is thus subject to the laws of their domicile. Those who can not have legal personality are considered "civilly dead" and have no civil rights or duties. They only have natural rights.

The law works on presumptions a lot of the time. Your whole life the state has been building evidence of your consent to be a part of this society, thru the BC, the SS number, marriage contract,etc.

I don't know if the strawman theories,etc are put out there as dis info, but that's what they are. Once you realize that citizens were subjects before the BC was used or their name was spelled in all capital letters, then you understand it is something else that made them subject........... Domicile with a side of intent.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A free society? There has never been one.

Hello folks, back with you again to discuss some misunderstandings. One i have went over a couple of times now. However beliefs are strong on this topic, so we must go at it again. There seems to be this disconnect that people can not seem to get past.

Let me be as forthright as i can be, There is NO magical society were men are free.

I know the common belief is that we were free and then something happened(depends on your flavor of patrinut kool aid) and we were subjects.

This is not the case, and never was the case. There are many posts detailing this very fact, everything from court cases to legal books from before the 14th amendment.

The Birth Certificate is not what binds you, The SS number is not what binds you, The voter registration is not what binds you.

Domicile in a political fiction is what binds you, what "creates" the legal fiction called "person".

Understanding this point is critical to you getting out of the system. The BC/SS,etc is just evidence of your intent to be a member of the body. The key and ONLY way out is thru domicile including intent. There is one way only, dont be fooled by these folks that say its different for everyone,etc. Who here thinks the government planned an exit for each and every one of us? Lets think for a minute here folks, just let the terror dome, one way in, one way out, for everybody.

Back to the non free society, here is a link to an earlier blog post, complete with court cases and legal books from before the 14th.

Now lets go further, did these "free" state citizens have any property taxes before the 14th?

Constitutionalizing Uniformity in the Nineteenth Century

In 1796 seven of the fifteen states levied uniform capitation taxes. Twelve taxed some or all livestock. Land was taxed in a variety of ways, but only four states taxed the mass of property by valuation. No state constitution required that taxation be by value or required that rates on all kinds of property be uniform. In 1818, Illinois adopted the first uniformity clause. Missouri followed in 1820, and in 1834 Tennessee replaced a provision requiring that land be taxed at a uniform amount per acre with a provision that land be taxed according to its value (ad valorem). By the end of the century thirty-three states had included uniformity clauses in new constitutions or had amended old ones to include the requirement that all property be taxed equally by value. A number of other states enacted uniformity statutes requiring that all property be taxed. Table 1 summarizes this history.

So we see that before the 14th amendment, state citizens were taxed on a variety of items and activities. Which makes sense as they were members of the community and have obligations to support their community.

Lets see what else we can find. Here is a digest of georgia state statutes before 1850, see if you can find some freedom in it.

Get over your belief on this point, and start researching it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Understand this, or you will never understand anything.

A lot of us like to offer our views on how things work, or at least our belief about how things work. We like to think that the knowledge in our head is gotten by our hard work and understanding of topics. But what if that was false? What if our theories are just strings attached to our beliefs that blocked out all other information presented to us? And what if our beliefs are not proven, but passed down and unverified? Based on generalizations and "facts" given to us by those we hold in high regard?

I know the EGO has shown up in your head now and is telling you that in fact you are smart, that your beliefs are verified and that EVERYONE else is wrong(unless they agree with you of course).

The mind is our greatest tool, one that is all to often left unused. Now i know we use our mind daily, but how do you use it daily? Do you have a clue? Do you know how the mind works, how it chooses which action to take or road to follow? Which information is true and which is false?

There are two questions i ask every person(man/woman) when they tell me about how intelligent they are. Very few, i can count on one hand have ever answered correctly. Be honest, see if you know the answers.

1. what controls every action a human does?

2. what is the filter used to intake and process ALL information coming into our brain?

The answer is our beliefs.

EVERY action you will EVER take is based off a belief you hold, think about it and you will understand this as truth. People who believe red meat is bad for you only eat veggies, people that wake up early in the morning believe the early bird gets the worm,etc.

The funky thing is, a lot of this happens on a sub conscience level and we are not even aware of it, or the belief that triggers our action.

The people in power know how the mind works, and they know how to mold beliefs to turn us into little statists who never question what they are doing. They simply divide the population by running two different sets of beliefs to two different segments of society. They then sit back and watch them waste their time over non issues, while they keep on keeping on.

Its a beautiful plan as we can see most people today are idiots, of course most people believe everyone else but themselves to be idiots, the fact remains that ANYONE who does not understand their mind and how it works can NEVER be considered an intellectual. No matter the amount of degrees, or time on a job. Intelligence is so much more then specialization in a couple of fields. It is the ability to separate the fact from the fiction.

So how do we know that most people are idiots? Because they support a system that is set up to keep them down. Yes yes i know your grandpa came here with nothing and now owns a mac d's. The system has to keep up the appearance of us being able to get a head, and that includes some of us actually getting a head. However for the masses, this is not the case, nor will it ever be the case. And for those who have gotten ahead, there are people like bernie madoff to make sure you get right back in line.

People come to me all the time for help, i can tell you the truth, but i can not change your beliefs so that you can understand what i am saying is truth. Only YOU can do that, but the mind only looks for an answer when it thinks it does not already have the correct one.

I am including a link to a five part write up on beliefs, BEFORE asking me for help, help yourself by understanding your own mind. I have NO TIME to babysit folks who dont understand why they believe what they believe.

When you finally come to the realization that beliefs are the only thing holding you back, and you let go of them, the world is much more clear, fiction can no longer hide as facts, and common sense and rational thinking is how you will forever live your life.

Take care citizens, hopefully you will get this and act on it.

Monday, June 12, 2017

All in the Family

Today friends we are going thru a legal write up about family matters, buckle up, this is going to be enlightening to say the least.

ALL quotes come from " the privatization of family law", which can be found in the files section of my facebook group, or i can email you a copy if you like.

As i have said before, and you have read here on my blog before, a person is a man with a status. In this aspect it is the marital status that comes with public benefits and burdens.

All statuses come with different benefits and burdens given and placed upon us by society, for the "public good". What we fail to realize is that there is no "public good", just what our leaders want masked under the term, public good.

Now we are told that once the civil marriage is created, the state has control of the terms of the relationship, it does so because as a party to the contract, it has legal standing to do so. The state is a society, and one of the main bulding blocks of society is the family unit. So if you belong to a society, you can be assured that the government will continue to regulate your relationships.

Now just how strong is this regulation? Does it defeat contracts made in private?

As we can see, and as other books have told us(look for elements of civil government in my blog posts), the public good outweighs individual rights. This of course goes for the strongest building block in society, that being the family.

So remember, if you choose to be a part of a society, be it a state, republic, whatever, then expect to be regulated for your own good friends.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Person, are you one?

 There is a LOT of confusion on what a person is, what the all caps name means and such.  A quick glance back in history tells us that people were still subjects of their rulers long before names were written in capital letters or even before the word "person" was invented.

The legal definition we find is this......

A person is a man considered according to the rank he holds in society, with all the rights to which the place he holds entitles him, and the duties which it imposes. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 137. 

A person is a man considered according to the rank(status) he holds in society.

In other words, a person is a man with a status, and that status is subject/citizen/resident/etc.

The all caps name is not a strawman, it is a legal fiction only in that the status is created by man, and does not exist outside of society.

The birth certificate is evidence of you being born in their territory to US citizens, thus tying your domicile of origin to the US.

Everything they do, all the contracts, is all just to show evidence that you are in fact a subject.

However on the FLIP side, not getting a BC or SS number does not automatically make you free either. Being in a sovereigns territory subjects you as well. Or at the very least gives them presumption of subject status.

Of which, what evidence do you have to rebut? Have you made any declarations in the public record declaring your intent? Do you have notices of intent on your property? Have you sent for and gotten a clarification of status and domicile from the state SOS/AG?

All these folks out here swearing that they are not a person, but they are. They reside either by owning or renting property in the federal situs. They are employees with a company involved with a trade or business in the US. And MOST of all, they never changed their domicile to OUTSIDE of political societies.

You can not get away from government by joining a different government.

You can not be a state ANYTHING or a Moor and think these societies dont have obligations on you like any other member of their society.

This has been known for THOUSANDS of years friends......

Politics, book 1 section 1253a

It is clear therefore that the state is also prior by nature to the individual; for if each individual when separate is not self-sufficient, he must be related to the whole state as other parts are to their whole, while a man who is incapable of entering into partnership, or who is so self-sufficing that he has no need to do so, is no part of a state, so that he must be either a lower animal or a god.