Friday, June 2, 2017

Some of the craziest patrinut crap you ever heard...

Back here again to expose the lies from those who wish not to help, but to profit. This time i was in the MonetizeCOLB group on Facebook, which in and of itself is a scam(dont tell a belief zombie that) and i come across this piece of WTF. You may be asking yourself, are beliefs THIS strong, can someone be so blind to believe THIS crap?

The answer sadly my friends is yes, stupidity of the human race is the last final frontier because its endless. Why else do you think we have a do not put in bathtub sticker on our hair dryers?

Without further ado i will let you gaze with wonder................


1. Unlimited legal assistance for civil and criminal matters – representation in tribal, ecclesiastical, municipal, state and federal courts (by Special Appearance only – meaning tribal lawyers will not walk into nontribal jurisdictions especially municipal, state and federal courts) as required; petitions, motions, briefs, counter-motions in case you are invited as a “defendant.” DO NOT to give the state/federal excuse for them to invoke their jurisdiction; preparation of trusts (wills invite probate and the government pokes its stinky nose into your affairs); and other legal documents you may require from time to time.
2. We cannot issue you ID cards as yet UNTIL at least 10,000 have signed up.
3. To receive immediate legal assistance you are required to pay 12 months in advance ($780), plus $50 admin fee plus $25 receiving bank fee for a total of $855.00.
Applicable law :
25 United States Code § 1301 (2) – powers of tribal self-government;
25 United States Code § 450n – tribes enjoy sovereign immunity from suit
2. Tribal Certificate of Naturalization with immigration benefits into Indian country; Applicable law: Treaties concluded between tribes and the United States government (Article VI, sec. 2, U.S. Constitution where treaties are also deemed supreme law of the land)
3. Native title to your realty; Applicable law: 18 United States Code § 1151 – un-extinguished native title.
4. Valid Travel permits (driver licenses); Applicable law: 18 United States Code § 1151 – un-extinguished native title and your right of way and right of passage in Indian country;
5. Valid Work permits; no requirement for social security cards (see Attachment letter from Social Security Administration)
6. Valid Tribal ID cards;
7. Call center to verify your standing as an enrolled tribal member from employers, law enforcement, loan centers, educational institutions, hospitals, insurance companies, skip-tracers;
8. Tax exemption status for individuals and tribal corporations based on current laws, regulations, orders, rules; Revenue Ruling 67-284; Revenue Ruling 94-16 (federal U.S. Tax Court)
9. International passports, bank accounts overseas, life insurance, housing and medical insurance benefits are being actively studied and pursued as a future viable benefit.
10. Must have at least 10,000 individual participants before this program can start.
1. My name is __________________________________
2. I am presently employed/self employed /not employed (delete where applicable)
3. My date of birth is ______________________ and my mailing address is __________________________________________. My email address is _______________________, and my telephone number is
_______________________ .
4. a) I acknowledge, understand, agree, and accept that the benefits mentioned above can only be provided when at least 10,000 individuals sign up for the Program.
b) I agree to send the first $65.00 payment, and thereafter await the receipt of full Tribal benefits once I have verified that at least 10,000 people have signed up. In the meantime if I pay $855.00 in advance for one year, I understand and agree to receive unlimited legal assistance for one year.
5. I will do my best to spread the word as this is the ideal momentum and forum to stop the cabal and evil government from interfering with my affairs as a free individual without any known ties to government by implied or express contract.
6. I understand that each individual in a family has to pay $65.00 as there are no family packages available at the moment. The monthly $65.00 payment will continue as long as I desire to enjoy these tribal benefits as a sovereign denizen of Indian country.
7. I understand I will lose my standing and status as an enrolled tribal member if I stop making the required monthly payments. I understand and accept the fact that there will be no refunds.
8. I wish to pay monthly, quarterly, yearly before I receive the benefits (delete where applicable). I understand that the method of payment will be determined on an ad hoc basis by sending emails to
9. I understand that I will be contracting with the Native American Law and Justice Center working for and associated with several Canadian, American, Australian, New Zealand, and other South Pacific Original Peoples governments.
10. I do not trust the squatter government and wish to be free from any implied contract I may have unwittingly agreed to especially when my parents were duped into applying for a birth certificate to “evidence” my live birth.
11. I also understand that tribal governments are proactively seeking economic and political independence as sovereign states as contemplated under Article 1 of the1933 Montevideo Convention. Tribal banking and tribal stock exchanges are being established, developed, ordained and structured.
12. I understand that Tribal police power is also being developed because without this component we cannot be free from the squatter government tyranny. This is a human rights issue where the People are stakeholders in government, not a corporation, and not subjects of an absent and distant monarch.
Dated this ________ day of ____________, 20____.
Name and signature


Its amazing to think that people could fall for this crap, but they do. I keep telling people to be their own guru, and they still spout off these rehashed patrinut theories. Remember this, if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

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  1. What people fail to realize is that "True remedy is between your ears".

    Of course, by that is meant for one to do his own research & study, come to a comprehension of the subject matter, and then make a plan of action & follow up on it.

    That way, the whole process is absolutely known to you --> you "own it" !

    Payin' for someone else's remedy turns you into a stammerin' fool when the heat gets turned up on that fire under you.