Monday, June 12, 2017

All in the Family

Today friends we are going thru a legal write up about family matters, buckle up, this is going to be enlightening to say the least.

ALL quotes come from " the privatization of family law", which can be found in the files section of my facebook group, or i can email you a copy if you like.

As i have said before, and you have read here on my blog before, a person is a man with a status. In this aspect it is the marital status that comes with public benefits and burdens.

All statuses come with different benefits and burdens given and placed upon us by society, for the "public good". What we fail to realize is that there is no "public good", just what our leaders want masked under the term, public good.

Now we are told that once the civil marriage is created, the state has control of the terms of the relationship, it does so because as a party to the contract, it has legal standing to do so. The state is a society, and one of the main bulding blocks of society is the family unit. So if you belong to a society, you can be assured that the government will continue to regulate your relationships.

Now just how strong is this regulation? Does it defeat contracts made in private?

As we can see, and as other books have told us(look for elements of civil government in my blog posts), the public good outweighs individual rights. This of course goes for the strongest building block in society, that being the family.

So remember, if you choose to be a part of a society, be it a state, republic, whatever, then expect to be regulated for your own good friends.


  1. I did a basic review of this - maybe I can jump right into the rabbit hole of the matter - married a gal but have not been together for 15 years and want to terminate the alleged contract that I was ignorant of - any suggestions.

    1. Yes contact me @