Friday, May 26, 2017

Watch out..........trap.

We all know their is incorrect information out there, disinfo if you will. What we do not know is who is putting it out there or why. In this post i would like to pass along a thought i have had. What if the government puts out this disinfo, not only as a way to confuse you, but also as a way to trap you.

What if all the patritard crap that has never worked, all the filed paperwork, the BC, the UCC-1,etc. What if it is just a way for you to give yourself away that you are open to learning the truth. The government does not need to search out people who would try to think for themselves as they in fact "turn themselves in". Some in such a way as to bring immediate jail time.

I say that to say this, if you have not tossed your beliefs about what you "think" you know, about the constitution, about freedom, about rights, law, society,etc. Then chances are you will fall for one of these traps (like monetizeCOLB ) or the red amendment or some other such guru.

Be your own guru, blaze your own path.

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  1. Absolutely. Do your own research. Be your own guru!!!