Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Understand this, or you will never understand anything.

A lot of us like to offer our views on how things work, or at least our belief about how things work. We like to think that the knowledge in our head is gotten by our hard work and understanding of topics. But what if that was false? What if our theories are just strings attached to our beliefs that blocked out all other information presented to us? And what if our beliefs are not proven, but passed down and unverified? Based on generalizations and "facts" given to us by those we hold in high regard?

I know the EGO has shown up in your head now and is telling you that in fact you are smart, that your beliefs are verified and that EVERYONE else is wrong(unless they agree with you of course).

The mind is our greatest tool, one that is all to often left unused. Now i know we use our mind daily, but how do you use it daily? Do you have a clue? Do you know how the mind works, how it chooses which action to take or road to follow? Which information is true and which is false?

There are two questions i ask every person(man/woman) when they tell me about how intelligent they are. Very few, i can count on one hand have ever answered correctly. Be honest, see if you know the answers.

1. what controls every action a human does?

2. what is the filter used to intake and process ALL information coming into our brain?

The answer is our beliefs.

EVERY action you will EVER take is based off a belief you hold, think about it and you will understand this as truth. People who believe red meat is bad for you only eat veggies, people that wake up early in the morning believe the early bird gets the worm,etc.

The funky thing is, a lot of this happens on a sub conscience level and we are not even aware of it, or the belief that triggers our action.

The people in power know how the mind works, and they know how to mold beliefs to turn us into little statists who never question what they are doing. They simply divide the population by running two different sets of beliefs to two different segments of society. They then sit back and watch them waste their time over non issues, while they keep on keeping on.

Its a beautiful plan as we can see most people today are idiots, of course most people believe everyone else but themselves to be idiots, the fact remains that ANYONE who does not understand their mind and how it works can NEVER be considered an intellectual. No matter the amount of degrees, or time on a job. Intelligence is so much more then specialization in a couple of fields. It is the ability to separate the fact from the fiction.

So how do we know that most people are idiots? Because they support a system that is set up to keep them down. Yes yes i know your grandpa came here with nothing and now owns a mac d's. The system has to keep up the appearance of us being able to get a head, and that includes some of us actually getting a head. However for the masses, this is not the case, nor will it ever be the case. And for those who have gotten ahead, there are people like bernie madoff to make sure you get right back in line.

People come to me all the time for help, i can tell you the truth, but i can not change your beliefs so that you can understand what i am saying is truth. Only YOU can do that, but the mind only looks for an answer when it thinks it does not already have the correct one.

I am including a link to a five part write up on beliefs, BEFORE asking me for help, help yourself by understanding your own mind. I have NO TIME to babysit folks who dont understand why they believe what they believe.


When you finally come to the realization that beliefs are the only thing holding you back, and you let go of them, the world is much more clear, fiction can no longer hide as facts, and common sense and rational thinking is how you will forever live your life.

Take care citizens, hopefully you will get this and act on it.


  1. Nicely done, I do agree with most of what you shared.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. 2 things:

    "idiots" continue to support a system that keeps them down.

    The people in power know how the mind works, the know how to shape beliefs

    �� Amazing! I believe what you have written is truth. Am happy to say the light has dawned & my old belief system has been shattered; shaken to the core over past 3 years as to what "I thought" my government was/is.

    by the grace of the living God am now sober ready to 'get squared' moving forward.tu for your voice of truth and straightforwardness AND willingness to help mentor so many.

    Warmest regard, look forward to our journey together