Friday, July 7, 2017

Birth of the twins, you and your person.

As usual there is confusion in the minds of men about the birth of the twins, hopefully we can make this trip to understanding together.

Everyone knows that when you are born, you get a birth certificate. Now some claim that it is a bond, some claim it is a warehouse receipt, some claim it is a strawman, a legal fiction or a corporation.

You will be surprised to know that is all wrong, at least as it relates to you getting out of the system. You see the all caps letter name is simply a person. A person born as the same time as the living man. What exactly happened you say?

As the courts have said, an unborn baby is not a "person" according to law, however when the baby is born, the "person" is also born. The reason for this is that only a man capable of being the object of rights and duties(legal personality) can have a person. This birth certificate is evidence of the person(man with a status). So real quick, the baby is born, because the baby has legal personality(rights, like to life), then a person is born, that person(man with a status), takes on the status of minor/citizen and is thus subject to the laws of their domicile. Those who can not have legal personality are considered "civilly dead" and have no civil rights or duties. They only have natural rights.

The law works on presumptions a lot of the time. Your whole life the state has been building evidence of your consent to be a part of this society, thru the BC, the SS number, marriage contract,etc.

I don't know if the strawman theories,etc are put out there as dis info, but that's what they are. Once you realize that citizens were subjects before the BC was used or their name was spelled in all capital letters, then you understand it is something else that made them subject........... Domicile with a side of intent.

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