Friday, March 11, 2016

Common misconceptions that distort our view.

 You have heard me talk about the power that beliefs have over us, but what beliefs do we hold that help distort reality for us? What part of our reality is not real? Below I will list some of the most commonly held beliefs of americans that are false.

1. That citizens are free
2. They were born in the united states(most are not)
3. That they live in the united states(most do not)
4. That the constitution gives or protects rights for anyone but federal citizens.
5. That the bill of rights is the unalienable rights Jefferson spoke of in the declaration.
6. That you have to be a citizen because you live here.
7. That they own private property
8. That federal reserve notes are money
9. That banks loan money
10. That voting will fix a system that is not broke(just your understanding of it).
11. That domicile is a geographical status instead of a political one.
12. That the government is the publics servant.
13. They think they understand what rights are, based off what the government told them about the bill of rights.

I could go on, but these right here are some of the biggest beliefs americans hold that are all 100% false. Most of the information to debunk these beliefs are right on this blog, the others are easily found online after you tame the confirmation bias.

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