Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What is this guy talking about?

I know some of the visitors to my blog are new to some of the information I have presented them. One of the main things people have a hard time wrapping their head around is when I say "outside of society". I hope to clear that up with this post here.

Society is make believe, we created it to serve our purpose, it does not exist without us. Imagine if you will the state you lived in, what if all the buildings vanished? The state would still exist, we would just rebuild. Now imagine if all the people vanished, then the state would be gone.

The legal definition of "state" is people in a general area with defined borders. Now we have to remember that the borders are imaginary as well. If you drive to your state line there is no line in the earth.

Now some people do not believe there is a social contract, but that is false. There has been a social contract for every society known to man. It would be impossible to form a society without the members binding themselves together. How would the group makes rules and enforce them if no one was under obligation to perform?

Now you say, "but I was born into this society, I had no choice". Sadly you would be mistaken. While it is true that while you are a minor you take on the citizenship of the place you were born or your parents citizenship, when you reach the age of majority staying in your birth country and accepting benefits for those members of that society is your consent to the social contract.

Now when we enter society we give up our natural rights for civil rights, what rights we give up depends upon the society we live in or create. China's citizens have different civil rights then us here, but make no mistake, both citizens outside of their legal "society" have the same natural rights.

Americans are not the only men and women with rights no matter what daddy government told you. Natural rights are rights that you would have if alone on an island, anything after that could be considered a civil right, granted and regulated by law. All of the bill of rights are civil rights, not existing outside of society, but some mimic natural rights. The second amendment mimics the right to defend yourself with whatever means necessary. Freedom of speech is of course a natural right, but members of society have allowed the regulation of it, and the licensing(FCC)of it.

So remember, ANY and EVERY society has obligations and loss of natural rights for civil rights, it is the only way society can work. And while I myself do not need to be governed, there are a host of folks out there who need big government and then some.

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