Thursday, March 31, 2016

Information or disinformation?

When researching any topic, we not only have to deal with the author's bias but any intentional disinformation as well. Now the information the author gives us may not be known to be disinformation by the author. A lot of times people find information that confirms their beliefs and pass it along without researching anything on the topic.

This happen more often then people think, along with that we also have those in authority always informing us that we HAVE to do something because the law requires it. When that happens to you, how often do you question it? How often do you say "oh the law requires it? what law would that be"?

Now part of the way this fraud has held us down is this, we actually police ourselves. When one of the herd starts to question, the rest move him back into line or at least attempt to. One of the most effective forms of propaganda IMHO is peer pressure. I'm sure we could all remember our days in high school, and wanting to be a part of some group/click. In order to fit in, we changed our hair, our clothes and even our beliefs, all to fit in. Of course this all makes sense because humans are social creatures, and not only crave but NEED the approval and acceptance of our peers. Keeping up with the Jones's, you know what I am talking about.

So how can we fight against misinformation and herd thinking? A hard and fast rule I like to use is to QUESTION EVERYTHING. I do not have beliefs, I have anti-beliefs, I have an idea, I have no concrete unchangeable belief. I have to research everything(that is life structure involved, economics, banking, law, history, etc) that affects my life and the life of my children.

As it stands right now, we give up close to 50% of our income thru taxes, fees, fines, etc. This is freedom? Because the debt is growing ever larger then I take it my kids will have to give up 75% of their wages as a payment to enjoy "freedom"?

You ever get that "wtf did the government just do/say?" I call those moments "glitches in the freedom program". People do not even understand the reasons that do what they do anymore. An example would be gay marriage, gays have always had the righto get married, heck they could of had a friend ordained and married and just witnessed it in their/a family bible. What they could not do was enjoy the state benefits without state permission to marry. However most of the benefits(except for strictly government benefits like SS, etc.) could of been handle thru trusts, contracts, etc.

When new churches are started they incorporate because they want to get tax exempt status from the government. The funny thing is, according to irs regulations they do not have to incorporate or get 501c3 status to be tax exempt.

But no one questions anything ever. We except that this is the way things are, we never look to see how things got this way or even if it is truly supposed to be this way.

Study, Study, Study.

Put down the remote, turn on some music and pick up that book. Remember, knowledge is a lot more sexy then stupidity.

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