Monday, February 29, 2016

The power of beliefs

Most information stays hidden to us for one reason, BELIEFS.

Beliefs control EVERY aspect of our lives, from what we eat, think and do, as well as act as a filter for any new information coming to us. If some new information comes to us that goes against what we believe, our mind dismisses it as false, even if it is our belief that is false and not the new information.

The suppression of information on the internet is rampant, I am a member of a few boards that just outright shut you down if your beliefs go against theirs, and these are PATRIOT communities mind you. Moderator by people that have little understanding of the topics discussed, but ego's that confirm that they are always right, no matter their education level.

Here is a quote from a moderator of one of those sites.....

Seriously.. Why do you even post here? Is it just to be a pain in the ass? Your views and beliefs are not welcome and will continue to be removed.[/quote]

My beliefs(which is weird since I tend not to have beliefs) are not welcome because they go against their beliefs. This is the open minded patriot community that calls most sheep because they can not see the government corruption.

Pot meet kettle.

No one wants to admit that they are not intelligent, even though very few people are. Intelligent people do not shy away from or block others beliefs because they go against theirs, they refute them with intelligent and fact driven debate.

Sadly we were never taught how to think in the public school system, as thinking citizens are counter productive to the ruling elite. I mean you don't really think john d wreck-a-feller was donating all that money to education to help his soon to be competition do you?

The first step to learning ANY truth is to first understand how your mind works and how you process information. After that things will fall into place faster then you can imagine.

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