Sunday, May 21, 2017

Society, freedom's breaking point.

 It is thought by most in the freedom/liberty/sovereign community that there was a time when a grand republic existed in which men did what they wanted (as long as they did not injury anyone), and the society was there to serve them.

However this lacks a basic understanding of how societies work, and even how they begin. Societies do exist to serve members needs, but on a collective level, not an individual one. You see societies form because one man needs the help of another. Men bind themselves together in contract for mutual benefit, and mutual obligations. It has always been this way, and will always continue to be this way. In fact, you can not think of any other way a society could form except thru contract of the members in the society. As with any contract, you have rights and duties, some of your rights you know, most of the duties you know.

Freedom and Liberty are just catch phrases for the mentally lazy zombies, they mean nothing because they are nothing. You have had obligations since the day you were born, as your kids do now as well. Your lack of understanding brought about by not understanding your mind, has repeated in your child. You are raising a lovely zombie, look he thinks just like you, amazing how that works.

If you have a belief and it is false, any line of thinking based on that belief is going to be faulty. Understand society and you will understand that people could never be free in society. Yes in some societies you have more civil rights then in others. However they are both still societies, and the members are still subject to the governing body and its laws.

Law is society and society is law, society was formed for the protection of the members rights, this protection was always obtained thru law. When you finally understand this you see that wo/men can only be free in nature. Society REQUIRES some giving up of natural rights to the body. There has never been, nor will there ever be a free society folks.

Wash away that belief that you can be a "state" anything or a "national" anything. Switching from one fictional society to another is not going to cut it.

If you believe me to be in error, i invite you to show evidence of a society where the members did not have obligations to other members of their society.

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