Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Default state.

Back with you again, to talk to you about the mind, and that always spoken sentiment "i have an open mind". Upon hearing this i can assure myself that indeed this person does not have an open mind. They usually then provide evidence of their open mindedness by telling me the many fake news sites/papers they get their information from. What they do not understand is that man's mind has a default state, and that is closed. 

 Closed to new ideal's, new beliefs, anything that does not already jive with their system of beliefs they have had all their life. Mans default state is to believe what he already tends to believe, not open mindedness. It takes someone who understands this, to be on top of his game to stay open minded even a fraction of the time. Information comes at us fast, our brain works even faster, the directing/control value for information is our beliefs.

 Control peoples beliefs, and you control them. It sickens me to see the propaganda that is targeting our kids today, from consumerism to vaccines, etc. They use tv,ads, etc to spread this crap, the signs are everywhere you look, if you are not a belief zombie that is. People see the world differently because we all see the world THRU our beliefs, our beliefs FILTER ALL, as in EVERY BIT of information that comes into our brain, so that the information makes sense to us.

 In order to understand this information, in order to truly understand anything, we must understand our self first. Without this truth, we can expect to find no other truth out there. The truth can only be found by those looking, the only ones really looking are those who truly think they do not know. Sadly most people think they know whats going on, what the problems are.

Remember they are open minded, and see both sides of the issue. When really the issue is just there to divide the weak minded zombies that believe ANY issue is comparable to the issue of subject vs freedom.

 Let me be clear, there is NO OTHER issue. If the state can take whatever it wants, whenever it wants, for whatever reason it whats, up to and including your life, then no other issue matters friend.

Now i know the plantation we live on now is pretty dandy, we have to remember it is still a plantation and some day massa might not be so nice. But what do i know, things might get better if we just vote harder, besides let your kids deal with it, they know everything anyway right? Just kick back, grab a brew, turn on the tv and dont question your beliefs. Life will work itself out, it always has so far right?

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