Friday, March 3, 2017

Glitches in the freedom program

Welcome back folks, here to talk to you about glitches in the freedom program. This might sound confusing at first, but by the end you will fully understand it.

       The Freedom Program

As you can imagine, it would be quite a feat to brainwash an entire population, how could we get them on the same track, what track would best work, etc. To control what a person thinks you simply have to control what they believe. Well how do you control what they believe? By getting to them first before they have had time to form their own beliefs.

They do this thru a number of ways, of which we will go thru a few today.

1. Loved ones.

Always around, always giving out advice and telling us how the world works. But do they really know? Chances are they do not, no matter how smart they are and how high a pedestal we put them on. My friend's step dad always use to tell him fun facts, my buddy calls them "Danny facts" , because they were false facts, incorrect information given out that was supposed to be true. I myself as well as everyone else has fallen for this, I thought my family was smart, but they turned out as I found out later, to be some of the most ignorant statists in the bunch.

I always tell my girls to question everything, even what me and my wife tell them, we are all prone to making mistakes.

From an early age our loved ones keep repeating the misinformation that came to them in this stage....

2. School

School is where things really kick into overdrive as now the government has control over what goes into our head as truth. This is where the broken record theory is displayed the most by a continuing drumming in our head of the basic facts, 1. we are free, 2. the constitution is this document of freedom, and the bill of rights protects our freedoms 3. Never question authority, Etc.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means.

3. Peer pressure

As social creatures we crave interaction, as such we become a self policing zombie squad. False beliefs are conformed to by those wishing to be "part of the in crowd", if you remember back to your time in school none of the cool crowds were having intelligent debates during lunch hour. They use our need to fit in, coupled with social "norms" that we must fit into in order to be accepted by our peers.

4. Media

Media is used to reinforce our government funded beliefs about freedom and our role in society. They call it t.v. "programming" for a reason, and just a casual glance at family shows from the 50's to now mimics our degradation of the family unit into what it is today.

The freedom program is just a basic set of beliefs the government installed in our brain that branches off and forms other beliefs tied to the core belief. It is the main reason people can not see things for what they are and hence why they get glitches in the program.

What kind of glitch you ask?

Take this story of this man for an example....

Even though it states in that document of freedom "private property shall not be taken without just compensation", this man is still trying to wrap his head around the fact that his house was taken from him and he got no just compensation.

You can find these and many other stories where what we are told and what we see is not coming together like it should. We get these glitches because we are dealing with false beliefs, and when our false beliefs come into contact with factual reality, well it causes a glitch.

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