Saturday, April 8, 2017

Beliefs disconnecting the freedom movement.

Time after time, day after day, i can not help but notice the disconnect in the freedom movement. There is a mass confusion about what steps to take, what theories to try.  There is this disconnect because of the various beliefs everyone holds. What we need to admit to our self is that maybe, just maybe, what we believe could be false. Only when we understand that we really know nothing, does everything suddenly become so clear. Just that little thing, live by it, love it, consider it your soul mate.

Our brains are clouded by the beliefs fed to us by government, media and our peers. Only by starting anew, with an outlook of not forming new beliefs, but instead of forming ideas or theories. The mind works in such a way that beliefs actually become a learning block to us. That is why, 100% of the time, the self help guru's will tell you if you want to change your life, then change your beliefs. Beliefs keep us in a zombie like state, with information presented to us that we never devote the research necessary to properly judge. Knowing something for certain also does something else, it keeps us from questioning that which we already know. So if you know the government loves you, then you will never look for anything that says otherwise, and will almost assuredly discard any information that comes to you that disagrees with your belief.

Case in point



Florida state

There is some fairy tale making its way thru the freedom movement that there is some magical "republic" that if we could just do this and this, then the rightful, lawful government would be restored and we would be free.

This can be always be traced to someone who does not have a firm grasp on how society operates, but you can bet that they swear they know how things operate.

There is no society where the members are not contractually obligated to the other members, in fact it is the basis of ALL societies that have ever existed.

There is a new fad floating around in the patriot community. That of the "grand jury", "judge", and "Continental marshals". 

I have no clue where these folks got the ideal they could set up shop in someone's jurisdiction and exercise authority over citizens that were not their citizens.

And sure enough, while writing this post up, this comes across my feed...

Can we all say Bye Bye Bruce?

Until we meet again friends, remember to watch what you believe, because big brother sure is.

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