Saturday, February 18, 2017

I was a statist, just like you.....

I had the same beliefs pounded into my head daily by the public school government approved textbooks. I was told about the American dream, and freedom, and how we were the only people to have these rights. I felt my heart swell with pride every day in school for the pledge, thinking of the freedom I would pass on to my children one day. As I got older I noticed that things were not always as they seemed. The reality that was all around me was different then the dream they sold me in school.

The lie is a beautiful one, and has fooled many, but it is a lie none the less. Most will never see the lie, because their beliefs are programmed to disregard any info that goes against your textbook education.

As far as statists go, I would be hard pressed to find another that was as uncaring about life around me, besides what the general perception was, than me. I was all about fun, clubs, women, saying up late, buying whatever the tv and my peers told me was "cool" and in fashion. I was as hooked on the dream as everyone else I knew. I had the same set of core beliefs as everyone else thanks to public school, media, peers and loved ones. These core beliefs are used against me to keep me blind to the truth, these beliefs keep me tied to the state as a subject, obligated at birth to perform for a political society I know nothing about. Horrible things done in my name because my lack of understanding has created the perfect opportunity for them to abuse me.

However if you are like me, then you have also had "glitches in the freedom program", simply put these are times when the dream they sold you and reality meet. It's at these times when the moment to awake is upon us, the moment to question. It could be anything, property taxes, income taxes, building permits for a shed, business license for a lemonade stand for your 8 year old, etc. We have all had these glitches, however most drift right back to sleep. It is said that it is easier to believe a beautiful lie then the ugly truth.

But here is the truth, our lack of understanding, of caring, of questioning is not only going to effect us but everyone we know and love. Our children, grand children and everyone else becomes effected thru our lack of understanding. If you have someone who you care about, my advice would be to stop doing what you are doing, erase what you think you know, and start fresh.

Remember that the key to everything, life, freedom, success, etc. It all rests on understanding beliefs and how to use your mind correctly. I know it sucks to hear, because it sucks when I tell myself everyday but everything of importance we know is wrong. And all because of our beliefs can we not understand or even see a problem, except when those problems touch us in some way and give us a glitch in the freedom program.

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