Monday, October 17, 2016

In it to win it?

I see a lot of posts these days, all talking about the many ways to get freedom, or to get money from the government from your bond, etc. I can not help but think we are better then this crap, if only we could understand that our beliefs are guiding us down different paths. The amount of blind acceptance I see, for something someone already believes in is massive. People filling notices and doing this and doing that. Fake judges and marshals all talking about restoring the constitution and the real republic. I hate to break it to you folks, but here it is ONE MORE TIME, all as in ALL societies are fictions, and members of a society are not free, nor have they ever been, nor will they ever be. Get it yet?

The very nature of society is that members have rights and obligations to the society they live UNDER, I say under because a society can only exist present rule of law. In other words, a society can not exist where the governed do not have to listen to the law of the government.

And we find in ALL societies, that the government, for the public good of course, soon begins limiting what you can do.

If you want to study law/history/freedom, then do so, Stop listening to every guru and learn the information for yourself, come to that understanding for yourself.

Without it, then no answer a guru gives you is going to keep you out of jail.

Stay safe folks.


  1. What we need help with is how to present the argument and defend it. This would help in all situations. Traffic tickets seem to be one of the best ways to learn. Mostly because there is lots of examples. It appears jurisdiction (society ) is what has to be proven in order for statutes to apply. Some prove the legal name fictitious, which also separates the man from fictional jurisdiction. It's just a state of mind. I see it as proving you never gave consent.

    1. The trick is to get them prove a negative.