Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Law/sovereign guru's that are teaching the wrong info.

I recently told my facebook wall that I would no longer be posting any law stuff. One of the main reasons is because there is a disconnect within the research community. As with all disconnects it has to do with beliefs, beliefs handed down and never vetted.

The link I am about to provide is filled with errors, and beliefs that are not true. I will post the link, I will then quote some of these false beliefs and tell you why they are wrong.


gives you the right to collect the interest on your “business they created”

 This sounds to be a part of the "redemption" a lot of these researchers are interested in. The story goes that your BC is a bond or such and is worth money, the account is with the treasury.

I have many issues with this "redemption" process, first of all, why does none of the guru's teaching this show up in a lambo? Is it because they have not tapped into their account? Or is it because they have no real clue about any of what they say actually working and hope you will file the paperwork so they can see what works or what does not work? When reading this kind of research, you have to be careful or disinfo will have you spending all your time on something that does not matter. Second problem I have with this, is that we are looking for freedom AKA personal responsibility not handouts from the government, EVEN IF there is an account with tons of funny money in it, I have no want for it, let them losers keep it for all I care. I am trying to get away from these fools not get more benefits from them.

This seems to be a template for a change or declaration of domicile, except upon inspection we see that he changed his domicile from one fiction (us government) to another fiction (state government). One of the main beliefs that is catching researchers up is the belief that state citizens were free men. They never were, and when pressed about this fact, these researchers shut down and wont talk to you. Heck some even kicked me out of their group for daring to question their beliefs. When one of these guru's can not explain their process nor show any results like court video or transcripts, then chances are they are blowing smoke up your ass.

While I think domicile is the key to our freedom, it only works if you use it correctly. Now  to find out if something works, simply look for what does NOT work. we can find out what does not work by searching court cases. Lucky for us, quatloos forum has compiled a bunch of losing arguments by guru's and common folk.


also fogbow


Of course these are both staffed with hardcore belief zombies, they do mean well and provide some important information about what NOT to use.

I keep repeating myself, but only because it appears no one is listening. In order to learn this stuff, we must toss aside what we think we know. This belief that "citizens" were free under any type of government is false, and I challenge ANY guru to prove me wrong and that state citizens were free men.

DO NOT allow your beliefs to affect what you are researching folks, while these guru's provide some good research, it is always best to question everything, including everything I write.

Good luck friends.


  1. Doug... Mark Emery claims to have purchased a Mercedes through his process of issuing his own "federal reserve notes".. I am confused on the process so I may be missing quoting the method but he definitely did it, was under suspicion of uttering a forged instrument but they could not find the process illegal.are you aware of this? I am about to out a hold on starting up my electronic repair business to research the "becoming your own secured creditor, killing the mtg, etc"... are you SURE none of this works ? Heard of Patrick Devine?

  2. Not sure of anything John, just do not care enough to try and track it down. I have heard of different claims as well, proof is what is needed.

  3. Well, I am hoping to provide proof by being successful at it. I will definitely keep you up to date. Apparently the methods aren't clearly defined and are being explored. It's new territory. I often wonder why people would bother if they are not gaining by providing the info in exchange for money, membership fees, etc. We'll see and know by end of summer.

  4. Glad people contact others before making claims and of course who ever put this up never shows how were wrong clearly another shill this is David-Janes: Roach

  5. Clearly a shill, well besides the trying to get something from the government, you also domiciled your self in a fictional society called the state of Indiana.

  6. 1.I David-James: Roach,am over the age of 18, and domiciled on the state, known as Indiana.

  7. I mean if you want I can go thru the whole thing for you and point out each mistake, but starting with domicile because with the wrong one, nothing else you do is going to matter.

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