Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dred Scott

For those of you who do not know, this case was about a slave, whose owner took him to a free state to live and then back into a slave state. The slave thinking that living in a free state made him a free man filed a lawsuit. He lost, and understanding why is important for us to understand how we are ruled today.

(quote from the case below)
thus "[not] a member of the political community formed
(end quote)

Now think about this for a second, this man, Dred Scott, lived, worked, slept, pooped and did everything els...(tharr be more)e a man does, but was not a member of the community. When every other man was, why do you think that was?


The word SLAVE is a status given to him by law in order to control him, a "MAN".

Just like STATUS is used to control YOU and ME today. This is easy enough to prove. Here in America, land of justice for ALL, where every law applies to ALL men/women, we find NO LAW applies to ANY MAN/WOMAN.

You are all like WTF is he talking about.

Pick up or google your state or federal statutes, Notice that NO LAW apllies to MEN/WOMEN.

However the laws DO apply to Citizens/Residents/Taxpayers/Employers/Employees
And many more "Statuses" that government calls us by in order to control us.

Most laws apply to "PERSONS"

Well, "PERSONS" are MEN/WOMEN with legal personality, or men with(you guessed it)Statuses.

Get a clue people, shit is going down right in front of your face.

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