Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Going to try and clear up some beliefs that are not true.

Myth number 1.

The constitution protects my freedom.

Reality is.... The constitution does not, if fact it has nothing to do with you or freedom. It is a contract between the state's and the national government. Like any contract, if your name is not on the contract, then you have no standing.

Myth number 2.

They violated my constitutional rights.

Reality is.......

The constitution gives no rights to FREE men,it is not possible for the created to grant rights to the creator. It does however list rights that can not be infringed for citizens. However these are civil rights and privileges and immunities as stated in the 14th.

Only servants, subjects, residents, citizens get civil rights, free men get natural rights.

Myth number 3

The government is here to serve us.

Reality is....

The U.S. government is like every other government, a corporation, and as such, their bottom line is not the common man. Not to mention that citizens are subjects of their corporate government.

Myth number 4

The government can not force me to buy insurance.

Reality is....

Citizenship while it may have its perks, it also has its drawbacks. As a citizen you gave up your natural rights for civil rights in what is called a social contract. Citizens get many benefits fron the government and as with any contract, you receive benefits then you owe a duty or obligation. One of your duties is to pay taxes, another is to obey the law, even if the law should be unconstitutional. Hence Obama care, no guns in Chicago, etc.

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