Monday, December 12, 2016

Freedom, what is it?

           Most of my fellow countrymen think they are free and perhaps they are. I mean a man not in chains and a cage is free to an extent correct? But what is the freedom our hearts beckon us to? Is it the freedom we have in America?

           Most would say not anymore, most would agree that they were able to do more in years past, and the amount of laws passed yearly would be strong evidence in their favor. But where exactly does subjection end and freedom begin?

           Most would also say that Americans have more freedom then any other citizen of any other nation. But is that true? How do our freedoms compare? And did Jefferson not say that all men are created equal with unalienable rights? So how can rights of men in different countries be different?

                                         Civil Rights

            As always lets start with some definitions and common understanding of what we are discussing.

Civil Rights

Personal liberties that belong to an individual, owing to his or her status as a citizen or resident of a particular country or community.

Civil rights are rights granted by governments to their subjects, no man in any society has his natural unalienable rights, he has traded them for civil rights.

The difference between the two forms of rights, natural vs. civil is wide, and needs a deeper look then what I will give you here. I will say that the bill of rights are nothing but civil rights. We can tell if a right is a civil right a couple of ways. 1. If alone on an island and not in a society, would I have this right? 2. Does this "right" have a fee or permit attached, is it regulated in any way? If so, its a civil right friend.

Right to bear arms.....civil right
Right to gay/straight marriage... civil right
Right to vote.... civil right

The government can regulate or even take away your civil right whenever it wants, hence the gun bans in DC and Chicago for so long.

The concept of freedom is so foreign to most Americans today that I felt compelled to address it here in this post.

A quick google search brings up this thread...

A quick glance will assure you that most have little clue as to what a right is and what it is not. Without this very important information, freedom is a lost concept.

When people think that freedom/rights can be granted, regulated, licensed, etc. Then anything is possible in the deceit of those people, and we can attest to such as time has gone on under the American system of government. As time moves on, more privileges are taken.

It is an absolute must that the nature of our status and obligations as citizens are understood, for if not, we can never truly be free by guessing what the state may or may not, can or can not do.

Thus I implore everyone to use the information presented on this blog, not as a basis for beliefs, but as a starting point for understanding and a dismissal of beliefs as the learning block that blinds us all to certain truths.

Now for those of you who want to understand I offer some links to help you along.

The best understanding you will come to is when you understand the rights you had alone in nature, or alone on a island if you will.

When you come to understand what freedom truly is, you will likely come to the same conclusion that I did, and that is most do not want to be free, and the majority would reject true freedom due to the controlling nature of man and their need to exert control over others, as one of many reasons.

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