Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Driving do's and don't when pulled over.

A lot of people ask me about traffic laws and tickets, so I thought I'd put together some stuff for educational purposes only. This is not legal advice, rather it is legal information.

First thing I would do is study up on my motor vehicle laws so that way I know what the law is for sure. If you are in Florida, it's title 23 chapter 316. Understanding the letter of the law is important and can get you out of many a ticket.

Now I will always suggest for you to comply before getting tazed or shot, the side of the road is not where you hold court at. I have found that most officers spend very little time learning the letter of the law, they just expect you to obey when they say something is the law.

When pulled over, hands where they can be seen, window down a minimum amount needed, doors locked. Only answer questions that pertain to the reason you were stopped. A reasonable amount of time for a stop is 15-20 mins, if the officer appears aggressive or agitated I would request a supervisor or call 9-11 yourself and request a supervisor.

Remember, comply, don't die. We got traffic tickets licked anyway, no need to even sweat it. As most traffic laws are victim less, compelled to perform laws prosecuted by the legal fiction, the state.

DO NOT go the sovereign citizen route of tossing your license, tags, etc. That is a process for the master student of the law, there is much more that you do not understand about it yet.

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