Friday, June 26, 2015

Are all men created equal?

(Note) In law whenever the word man/men is used, it includes both men and women/woman.

With that said, let us begin.

Today is a great day in history says my wall on FB, gay people won the "right" to get licensed to marry. Isn't that grand?

I can not but help to remember those words from long ago....

All men are created equal.

But I'm so confused because we know blacks have to fight to end slavery and get their rights, and so did women.

Now gay people have to fight for their rights.

How does this all jive with the American dream and a slave owner saying all men are created equal.

Well to begin with all men are created equal, the same rights and everything. However on reaching the age of majority, you entered into contracts with the government that replaced your natural rights with civil rights.

When you enter into these contracts, you acquire statuses. Under the marriage contract you get the husband/wife statuses. Each status you have has different rights and obligations.

The reason he said all men are created equal is because they are. Men without status are free.

Check the law for your self. See if any man/men are regulated by law.

What you find is every other term possible besides man is used.

Person,citizen,resident,employee,husband,wife,taxpayer, etc.

It is said that law applies to all men, but yet men are never listed. Most law is directed against person, of which you agree that you are the person.

But are you that person or are you a man/woman?

Do you even know where the word person comes from and what it means?

You are agreeing to all kinds of stuff you have no clue about.

Its time to get on you big boy and big girl pants. If you don't take the time to understand who you are in law, EXPECT others to take advantage of you.

Civil marriage is different then holy matrimony in some big ways. First thing is every man that is free needs permission from no one.

Second is that holy matrimony is a relationship between you, spouse and God.

A civil marriage is a contract sui generis between you,spouse and the state. However in this arrangement the state is the dominate party. This is also one of the strongest contracts the state has over its citizens.

Anything done with the state marriage license can also be done without it.

Stop being lazy, there are people out there willing to help. Drop this belief that our government wants to help us, it is blinding you to the truth.

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