Wednesday, March 4, 2015



Over the course of this blog we will be discussing status a lot. Status plays a major role in our life and always has.

In Hoebels book  "man in the primitive world", in the chapter "status and role" we read this..

" At no time in the history of mankind can there have been a society in which all members were identical in status. In every society that has come under anthropological scrutiny the members differentiate among themselves."

Man has many statuses in law, the government uses these statuses to control the population.

Some of the statuses you might have include but are not limited too;  citizen, resident, taxpayer, husband, employee, with holding agent, etc.

Status has a very important impact on your life and on issues such as why you have to sign up for Obama care.

In law, it seems to only apply to "person" and not man. What is a person? It is a MAN with a STATUS, someone capable of having a "legal personality", a legal fiction. The STATUS is what is created and controlled by the state. The spelling in all capital letters just identifies the STATUS as a subject/fiction. Who here thinks that slaves were free because their names were not spelled in all capital letters?

When you look at the definition of status, it all makes sense now...


The standing, state, or condition of an individual; the rights, obligations, capacities, and incapacities that assign an individual to a given class.

Status is the outcome of choosing a domicile in a fictional society, no matter what you call it, state republic of the most free men in the whole free world, etc, etc. If you are serious about being free and not just wanting the easy way to not obey the law, then take the time to learn everything. Ask for proof from the guru's, check the court record on those arguments, don't assume it was because the court was corrupt. True law will prevail if and when you know it. Freedom is a very serious issue, it is the most important IMHO, without freedom you truly have nothing because the state could take it at any time for any reason.

Question everything, even if you think it is true, and question it twice if you believe it to be true. We need book solders to study every aspect of this, we do not need youtube following soldiers of guru's who have a backlog of people in jail using their "freedom methods" for only $999 this time only.

There is plenty of information on this site to help you along, I would also suggest reading the informer's stuff, you can find his stuff on "think or be beaten".

If I were you, I would research the word person and see if that is who you are. You can also look up the law of person, law of status, and the book "status in the common law".

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  1. I have started that journey.

    But is there any "Real method" of status correction? Or is it the same as the Secured Creditor thing, which is a process that is attempting to be established?

    Will our courts even recognize our status or will judges act outside the law, and if so, what recourse do we have? Are there courts that have recognized a living man's status change?

    Lastly, will you discuss the process. If not, I have forms with instructions I can provide you.

    1. May I have that form with instruction. Thank you! Edward

  2. Of course there is John. Really simple as well, the problem comes in because of 1.beliefs 2.lack of study 3.unsure of them self.

    Courts will only recognize with a preponderance of evidence. This part is about actions and intent. What do your actions say? What is your intent, is your intent well known?

    I am going to hit you a pm on FB to discuss more.